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For further details on each specific service, click on the hyperlinks in the main text or in the left margin, to take you to a page that explains the nature of the work and gives a summary of legal considerations, where appropriate.  Please contact us if the service you require is not listed.  

Ecological Assessments and Services

Most of our ecological assessment work is associated with applications for planning consent.  For most schemes a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal is required, although this can be called an Environmental Statement, Ecological Impact Assessment, or Extended Phase 1 Survey by some Local Authorities.  We also prepare ecological chapters for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and can contribute to EIA screening and scoping reports.

The skills of the EECOS staff members can be applied to all other ecological and wildlife related tasks such as Ecological Clerk of Works and Local wildlife site reviews, as listed below.  Please contact us if your requirements are not covered on our pages.

Ecological Impact Assessments

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (Phase 1)

Ecological Clerk of Works

Local Wildlife Site Reviews

Species Surveys, Licensing and Mitigation

EECOS is able to work with all legally protected species, carrying out targeted surveys, applying for any licences that are needed and completing all of the mitigation or compensation that may be required once planning consent has been obtained.  Species surveys are highly seasonal so consideration of requirements at the early stages of a project can avoid lengthy delays later on.   



EECOS has experience of completing Ecology and Land Use sections for both BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CFSH) Assessments, for a variety of sites including schools, industrial developments and residential housing projects. 


Farm Environment Plan (FEP)

A Farm Environment Plan (FEP) is required for any Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) application to Natural England.  EECOS has completed FEPs for a range of successful HLS applications covering various habitats and farming methods.


Habitat and Botanical

With abundant experience in the field of botany and habitat assessment, EECOS carries out a range of botanical surveys and management services as listed below.  We also carry out practical habitat and estate management, with our own qualified brush cutter and chainsaw users, and can draw upon the considerable experience and resources of Essex Wildlife Trust’s Reserves Team.