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Conservation Management Plans


EECOS is grounded in nature conservation and the preparation of management plans is a particular speciality. Out management plans will be developed with the client and can be expected to include the following:

  • A review of existing knowledge about the site’s history, species and physical characteristics (soil, geology, hydrology, etc.), with a clear indication of the conservation significance of the site as a whole;
  • Field surveys to provide up to date information about the species and habitats present;
  • A vision for the site, outlining broad objectives for management and the desired results;
  • Details of any constraints that may apply to the practical business of managing the site;
  • Explanatory prescriptions setting out in detail the tasks that are needed to achieve the objectives – methods, locations, timing and purpose;
  • Suggestions for surveys aimed at monitoring the success of management and the reaction fo key species;
  • Maps showing the distribution of habitats and key species, and illustrating the management prescriptions.

The plan will be written in a clear and concise way so that it can be easily followed by the site manager.

If you require a quote please send an email to us at including some information about the site. Alternatively you can contact us in the office on 01621 862986.