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White-clawed Crayfish surveys


The native White-clawed Crayfish receives partial protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) such that it is an offence to take White-clawed Crayfish from the wild.

EECOS has been heavily involved in the conservation of White-clawed Crayfish throughout East Anglia and we have detailed knowledge of this rapidly declining species’ distribution on our river catchments. This knowledge can be used in the course of completing a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal or can be applied to specific projects affecting riverine sites. White-clawed Crayfish surveys involve hand searching, torch survey and refuge searches (natural and artificial) at the appropriate season, used to determine the presence of either the native or any of its alien relatives such as Signal Crayfish. The results will then be used to plan an appropriate scheme of mitigation.

There is no licensing system for White-clawed Crayfish that covers development related impacts, although it is possible to obtain a licence to catch and move them for conservation purposes. Such a licence may be issued for development related purposes if the activity is properly planned and contributes to the conservation of a population.

If you require a quote please send an email to us at including a brief description of what is proposed, timescales, site plans and any correspondence received from the Local Planning Authority. Alternatively you can contact us in the office on 01621 862986. We can carry out White-clawed Crayfish surveys in Essex and surrounding counties, including Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Kent and London.